I MADE IT. DAY 1 !!!

So this morning. I was very…upset..for bingeing so bad yesterday.

But I managed to wake up early (6:45, maybe not that early for some, but for me, IT IS VERY EARLY)

I drank a liter of apple cider vinegar water…struggling to finish though. And then I had my breakie

  • [1 eggs, 1 tomato (I could only finish half) and some celery sticks with some salts]

I still decided to have coffee with a dash of almond milk and 1 tsp of coconut oil because I have アルバイトwhich means part-time job in Japanese from 9 a.m till 3 p.m and I really really needed to stay AWAKE.

One of the challenges every time I go to baito is that even though they provide free lunch  which is very nice every day, it is a typical Japanese meal. A typical Japanese meal would be rice based (trust me even if they serve spaghetti for that day, they’re still going to leave one huge pot of rice for those who would like to eat the meat sauce with rice after finishing their noodles lol). SO, today my “lunch” was a small bowl of chop cabbage and green leaves which is obviously not that fulfilling but it kept me from being too hungry.

I came home at half past 3 knowing that I needed food ASAP. I managed to make some egg soup for my real lunch while drinking my apple cider vinegar water.

  • [2 eggs-100gr of enoki mushroom-seaweed-1/2 tomato-1tbsp olive oil-salt and pepper]

Then I was craving for sugar or snack..typical sugar addicted lol. I make some mint tea with honey instead. I used a teaspoon trying to minimize the amount of honey in the tea…but I think I was pretty disgusting but having a very very spoonful of honey to “cheat” my way to the one spoon limit.

Dinner was deliciousssss with my random beef crock pot (I drank my last cup of apple cider vinegar water => FINISH MY GOAL FOR TODAY-2l of apple cider vinegar water DOWN)

  • [pumpkin-beef-celery-onion-carrot-salt and pepper]

THEN….the craving happened again….I had one big cup of Cacao to solve my sweet tooth.

  • [cacao powder-coconut oil-honey-almond milk-hot water (of course)

That’s a wrap for my first dayyyy. I’m writing this while drinking my mint tea without any honey by the way. It’s an extremely hard path to walk…but I’m gonna try to make it day by day….let’s hope for the best tomorrow.

Be healthy be happy. Dream big and love life ❤




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