I failed again

Yeahhhhh. I failed again. I binged again big time yesterday. I’ve been wondering why would I binge again yesterday when the day started off so nicely (plus I finally received my apple cider vinegar and was super duper extremely excited about it)…

The stringer began when I came across a super market on my way home because  it was raining and only short cut to go back to my house without getting wet was..to go through a super market. It was a total MISTAKE. Saturday is the ICE CREAM SALE DAY …and yeah. I ended up going back home, had super nice and healthy dinner, AND….go buy tons of ice cream bread cake ….and killed all of that in ABOUT an hour….SHAME ON ME.

BUT I’m not a quitter….so I woke up quite early today thinking…ok, let’s give it another try. Make the goal smaller. Today my goal is to drink about 2 liter of water and apple vinegar. Let’s see how it works. AND, may be I should stayyy reallly reallly farrrr farrrr away from the super market. Still, I would like to keep it in Paleo based. I love the way everything is so nature-based and not crazy math skill involved in counting calories carb related. It’s about balance so even if I don’t lose weight. I would really want to keep this diet going…to stay healthy at least.

By the way, there is a documentary series of HBO called “Weight of the nation” that explains the reason why people keep on coming back to sweet things in the super market ( not including how to walk out of that path by the way lol). You can watch it on Youtube.

So see you my imaginative friends tonight with more stupid writing.

Be healthy be happy. Dream big and love life ❤



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