Bingeing again

I think I am in the worst state of health, physically and mentally now.

I keep on bingeing on food. My coconut oil and raw honey just came today.

I think I would restart again …how far will I go…I don’t know but I should not give up…I think … least to keep me out of this terrible situation

So I come up with the new idea. I would write down what happened during the day what I think and moreover, my “meal plan” for the next day. Somehow this lifestyle and whatever I am doing right now make me feel extremely in secure…

So here you are…day 1:

Breakfast: salad+egg. coffee+almond milk+coconut oil

Lunch: salad+tuna

Snack: carrot+apple

Dinner: broccoli + saba

Snack: strawberry , Cacao (honey, kakao powder, almond milk, honey, coconut oil)

Let’s pray that I won’t binge again tmr…let’s pray…..


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